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Private Investigators in Pennsylvania

Social Guardian Group is an Pennsylvania Investigation Agency of private investigators and detectives that specialize in a variety of real-world and online investigation services. Our private investigator unit has been instrumental in assisting Law Enforcement, Businesses, Parents, Lawyers, School Districts, Police Departments, Property Management Firms and Matrimonial Cases. Social Guardian Group’s private online investigation team observes and identifies unsavory online behavior and activities of a specific individual, bringing awareness to their social footprint. We have provided closure to concerned parents in need of answers regarding their child’s behavior, friends, groups, cyber-bullying or stalking. We have provided peace of mind to business owner’s that require an employment screening to verify a candidate in consideration for a new position. We have provided landlord’s and property owners tenant screening services to ensure that the tenant they choose is the correct one. We have even provided litigation support and trial preparation evidence collection to lawyers and attorney’s alike. Social Guardian Group can provide the answers and data you need with our team of expert private detectives and online investigators.

Private Investigators Pennsylvania

The Power Of Social Guardian Group Investigators

Real Investigators

Real life private investigators personally handle your case.

Real Results

Experienced cyber investigators will handle your case.

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Cutting-Edge Technology

Social Guardian is the most advanced private online investigation available.

Capture More Data

Social Guardian captures more data, in less time, for less money.

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Real-time Monitoring

Social Guardian offers real-time monitoring of your investigation.

Stay Informed

Private monitoring of your case target and their online footprint.

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Social Media Investigation

Why Choose Social Guardian Group Private Investigators?

  • Detailed investigation reports are provided to every client.

  • Social Guardian is the most affordable online private investigation on the internet.

  • No technical knowledge, or hands-on work required. We handle everything.

  • No software, or software knowledge is necessary to utilize our service.

  • Every client case is handled by a team of experienced private investigators.

  • We deliver results……period. Our investigation team is comprised of industry leading innovators.

Our Client Testimonials Speak For Themselves

If you’re a concerned parent, Social Guardian is an indispensable service. Having the ability to monitor your child’s online activities to ensure their safety is simply priceless…

Elizabeth H.

Social Guardian has provided me valuable evidence that would otherwise be unattainable. Social Guardian can be the difference between winning and losing your case…..

Harold Z.

My students safety is my first priority. Social Guardian gives me the ability to take preventative action if suspicious activities are taking place among students. An irreplaceable tool indeed…..

Jonathan D.

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