About Us: Social Guardian Group

Social Guardian Group is a private detective agency born under the umbrella of cutting-edge private investigation firm Insight Investigations. Insight Investigations was formed in April 1996 as a full-service insurance defense investigation firm with an emphasis on conducting workers’ compensation investigations, and liability investigations. Insight Investigations, Inc. is the investigation industry leader in technology and employs a team of highly trained private investigators to handle all of your investigative needs. At Insight, we pride ourselves on technology, education, and experience that is coupled with timely service and beneficial results that will assist you in mitigating your claims, protecting your social media identity, and safeguarding your children through social media awareness. Insight’s experienced investigators and quality assurance programs have enabled us to meet our client’s needs anywhere across the United States.

Social Guardian Group Online Investigators

Social Guardian Group: Online Investigators

The internet has opened up a whole new world for investigators, but navigating and sifting through this frenetic and tumultuous virtual world of information takes a skilled and highly trained cyber detective who intimately understand private online investigations. Insight Investigations knows gathering reliable information is critical to your case. Social Guardian was developed to ensure our clients are provided with a private internet investigation that is thorough, factual and delivered to you in a timely manner. Social Guardian also offers an online monthly monitoring report as an on-going effort to identify any “red flags” that can be essential in knowing the details as they unfold. Social Guardian has been managed and directed by Dana Pescatore since its inception in 2008. Dana is a specialist at this streamlined, methodical and efficient approach to gathering information via the internet. Social Guardian is not an application based service. Social Guardian utilizes live investigator’s that are trained to covertly and privately identify the online behavior of the person of interest. There are many imitators online that claim to produce the same rate of success for their clients as Social Guardian, but there is only one Social Guardian.

Social Guardian has been instrumental in assisting Law Enforcement, Businesses, Parents, Property Management Firms and Matrimonial Cases. Social Guardian is a tool utilized to observe and identify online behavior and activities of an individual and to bring awareness of their social footprint. Whether it be concerned parents needing answers regarding their child’s behavior, friends, groups, cyber-bullying, and stalking or a business owner that has an employee being considered for a new position. Social Guardian can assist you with all of your social media needs and investigations.

What Is Social Guardian Group?

Social Guardian Group is a private detective agency extensively trained in social media investigations. Our team is comprised of industry leading experts at private online investigation techniques and training. Our online detectives are trained to locate and document any information pertaining to a particular person of interest. The reach of our online investigators expands throughout all social media websites, search engines, and court documents. Social Guardian Group utilizes innovative training combined with industry leading online investigators to provide cutting-edge cyber investigation results. These proprietary techniques and training afford us the ability to look beyond the basic social media search and locate internet surfers who attempt to go undetected.

Private Detective

Our Mission Statement

Social Guardian Group’s goal is to help our clients locate and document as much information as needed on their person of interest. We dig deep into the social media world and make it our mission to locate those who attempt to go undetected.

What You Should Expect In Your Results

While conducting our private investigations, our investigators will compile a detailed report of our investigation results. This information will be presented to our clients in a clean and simple investigation report document. The extent of evidence and information included in our reports is based upon the tier of investigation services our client selects. Our private investigation and online monitoring services range from a simple locate and document, to a detailed, on-going monitoring and preserving of new information. Our investigations are incredibly thorough, and we guarantee no page will be left unturned during our cyber investigations.

How We Are Different

Social Guardian Group is NOT software based. We are a team of experienced private investigators who are expertly trained to perform innovative social media investigations of your person of interest. We are anonymous, and go undetected during our online investigations. We do not require any login information for any online account for the person of your interest. Our private investigators are trained in the most innovative cyber investigation techniques, identifying search keywords, terms, and identifying online profiles of those attempting to disguise themselves online.

Software Products

Social Guardian

Require login information of the profiles you need to investigate Trained investigators will locate profiles with no login information needed
Require cell phone of the person you are looking into or notify them if they are being monitored via text alert No cell phones required or notifications sent. We remain completely hidden without alerting your person of interest they are being monitored.
Limited to the information you provided them. Only search profiles given by their clients We investigate not only your person of interest but those associated with them in an attempt to locate additional beneficial information