Pre-Employment Screening Services For Businesses

Are you an employer or recruiter? Are you responsible for hiring employees for multiple businesses? Do you often find yourself wondering if a potential employment candidate is exactly who they say they are or possess the skills and qualifications to effectively perform their job responsibilities? If so,  you have come to the right place. Social Guardian Group provides employer investigations and pre-employment screening services to business anywhere. We specialize in private online investigation services to employers and recruiters who are looking to maximize their investment in hiring new employees while minimizing the potential risk that is associated with employing new candidates.

Many companies are utilizing pre-employment screenings and social media investigations prior to hiring new employees. Social media investigations and pre-employment screenings provide businesses and recruiters valuable insight and information to support the qualifications of a potential candidate for a specific job. It is increasingly important for employers and recruiters to look into a potential candidate’s background to see the type of person they could be hiring. The way an employment candidate portrays themselves online can be extremely damaging to an online business reputation. There is no weight to the importance of knowing that a potential employee fits into your company’s image and moral code. Ask yourself the following:

  • Do you know who you are potentially hiring?
  • Is your potential employee who they say they are?
  • Does your employment candidate really have the qualifications they say they do?
  • Do they present themselves professionally online?
    • Do they have posts or images of drug use or excessive drinking?
    • Have they slandered a prior employer?
    • Do they possess professional communication skills?
    • Have they made discriminatory comments online?
  • The bottom line: Are they a good fit for your company?

Social Guardian Group can provide answers to the above questions. We can collect the answers you need by through our social media investigations, search engine investigations, and court record searches on potential employees. Social Guardian Group is a team of experienced private online investigators who spend countless hours searching for people of interest on the internet. We can find anyone, including those who attempt to disguise themselves under fake names or social media profiles. We provide you with a clear and concise report of your potential new hires social media and search engine presence.

Employment Screening Services

  • Employment Screening

  • Employee Screenings

  • Background Checks

  • Pre-Employment Screening

  • Recruiter Screenings

  • Detailed Employment Screening Report Compiling Investigation Data

  • Social Media Investigations

  • Search Engine Investigations

  • Credentials Screening

  • Court Record Investigations

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Social Guardian is quite simply the most cutting-edge online investigation service available today.

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How Social Guardian Group is Different

Social Guardian Group is NOT software based. We are a team of experienced private investigators who are trained experts in social media investigations. We have provided employment screening and pre-employment screening services to business and recruiters across the United States. We utilize cutting-edge technology, combined with industry-proven investigation tactics to find and locate your person of interest. We operate anonymously. Our social media investigations, as well any other private online investigation we conduct go completely undetected. We do not require any login information for your private online investigation. Our cyber investigators are trained to look for keywords, specific terminology, and other identifying and revealing factors that assist us in identifying social media profiles of those attempting to disguise themselves online. We are experts at collecting online data that may be otherwise impossible to attain.

Employment Screening
Software Products Social Guardian
Require login information of profiles you need to investigate. Trained investigators will locate online profiles with no login information needed.
Require the cell phone of your person of interest, and can notify them if they are being monitored via text alert. No cell phone required or notifications sent. We remain completely hidden without alerting your person of interest that they are being monitored.
Limited to information you provide them. Only search profiles given by their clients. We investigate not only your person of interest, but those associated with them in an attempt to locate additional beneficial information.
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