Infidelity Investigations For Couples and Spouses

The most important part of any relationship is truth. The knowledge and comfort of knowing that your partner is honest and faithful. However, many relationships can take a turn for the worse, and invite the potential of infidelity or cheating. As a faithful partner, the importance of knowing the truth about any possible indiscretions of your partner or spouse simply can’t be weighed. Besides the mental anguish and pain, there are many other risks that are involved with being involved in a relationship with an unfaithful partner. Social Guardian Group has provided countless dating & matrimonial investigations that have revealed infidelity and cheating in our client’s relationship. Although the truth can hurt, our relationship investigation services have provided the clarity and closure needed by our clients to move forward from their damaging relationship.

The surge of internet dating websites and online meetups has made opportunity for cheating and infidelity more accessible than ever. There are many people online who disguise their identity when utilizing dating websites. Even in real-world dating situations, there are often times you simply do not know the person you are dealing with, and in some situations, know that the person you think you are involved with is really even that person.

In the situation of a marriage or even a divorce, obtaining proof of infidelity can be instrumental in obtaining the desired settlement in any divorce case. Online divorce investigations can collect valuable, indisputable evidence that can tip the scales in your favor. Having tangible, documented evidence to support your claim can go a long way to providing you peace of mind, as well support any legal decision you may make as a result of uncovering the truth. Ask yourself the following:

  • Is the person you just met really who they say they are?
  • Are you suspicious that your partner is involved in another relationship, or even married?
  • Is this person safe?
  • Was your new partner recently involved in a violent or destructive relationship?
  • Does your partner have a dangerous criminal history?
  • Is your partner or spouse being faithful? Do you suspect they are cheating?

Social Guardian Group can help uncover the truth about anyone in a relationship suspected of cheating or infidelity. Our dating & matrimonial investigations have helped uncover the truth about infidelity and cheating for countless couples across the United States. During our dating & matrimonial investigations, we  collect and document data from social media accounts, search engines, and dating websites all across the internet. Our cyber investigators are the most well trained and experienced in the private investigation industry and have served countless clients many times over. If you suspect your partner may be unfaithful, we encourage you to contact Social Guardian Group at (877) 402-2369 so a member of our private investigation team can provide you details on our services, and exactly what we can uncover to help support your private online investigation.

Infidelity Investigation Services

  • Background Check of Partner

  • Social Media Investigation of Partner’s Accounts

  • Court Record Investigation of Partner

  • Dating Investigations

  • Detailed Investigation Report of your Partner’s Online Investigation

  • Search Engine Investigation of your Partner’s Online Footprint

  • Dating Website Investigations

  • Matrimonial Investigations

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Social Guardian Group Stands Out

Social Guardian Group is NOT software based. We are a team of experienced private online investigators who are trained experts in social media investigations. We have provided dating & matrimonial investigations to spouses and partners who are looking to confirm infidelity and cheating in their relationship. We utilize cutting-edge technology, combined with industry-proven investigation tactics to find and locate your person of interest. We have years of experience providing relationship investigations and matrimonial investigations across the United States. We operate anonymously. Our social media investigations, as well any other private online investigation we conduct go completely undetected. We do not require any login information for your private online investigation. Our cyber investigators are trained to look for keywords, specific terminology, and other identifying and revealing factors that assist us in identifying social media profiles of those attempting to disguise themselves online. We are experts at collecting online data that may be otherwise impossible to attain.

Infidelity Investigations Matrimonial Private Investigator
Software Products Social Guardian
Require login information of profiles you need to investigate. Trained investigators will locate online profiles with no login information needed.
Require the cell phone of your person of interest, and can notify them if they are being monitored via text alert. No cell phone required or notifications sent. We remain completely hidden without alerting your person of interest that they are being monitored.
Limited to information you provide them. Only search profiles given by their clients. We investigate not only your person of interest, but those associated with them in an attempt to locate additional beneficial information.
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