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As a school or school district, there are an infinite amount of challenges involved with governing your students and staff. It is paramount that your school is able to provide an environment that is not only conducive to learning and education but also facilitates safety and peace of mind for your students and staff. The sheer vastness of a school environment can make these challenges overwhelming, and as a member of a school district, it can seem near impossible to uncover the truth about the intent and activities of your students or staff. Social Guardian Group provides school safety investigations and student investigations that can reveal details about student and staff conduct that would be otherwise impossible to attain.

School districts have been long known to hire private investigators to help uncover the truth about suspicious activities involving their student body, staff, and faculty. Whether it be uncovering the truth about the residence of a student, or investigating suspicious activity among your student body, private online investigations can provide a plethora of online evidence to help support your suspicious and take action to prevent those situations in the future. Our school safety investigations have prevented a countless amount of potentially damaging and dangerous situations for school districts. If you are involved in a school district, ask yourself the following:

  • Do your students actually live where they say they are?
  • Does your school district have issues among students with drug use or drug sales?
  • Are dangerous situations or fighting frequently occurring among your student body?
  • Do you suspect that unsavory or illegal activities are being conducted among your students, staff, or faculty?
  • Do you suspect your school district may be the victim of damaging slander or online defamation?

Social Guardian Group has provided private online investigations services for schools and school districts all across the United States. Our team of expert private investigators have the experience and knowledge to uncover virtually any form of information or media online. We utilize industry proven investigation tactics, combined with the most knowledgeble and experienced private online investigation team you can find in the United States. If your are a member of a school district or school district council, we invite you to contact us at (877) 402-2369 to speak with a member of our online investigation team so we can speak with you personally about your private online investigation needs.

School Safety Investigation Services

  • School Staff Investigations

  • Student Investigations

  • Locate Student Residency

  • School Safety Investigations

  • Detailed Reports Compiling Private Investigation Evidence Collected

  • Social Media Investigations

  • Search Engine Investigations

  • Defamation Investigations

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Social Guardian is quite simply the most cutting-edge online investigation service available today.

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How We Are Different

Social Guardian Group is NOT software based. We are a team of experienced private investigators who are trained experts in social media investigations. Social Guardian Group has provided school safety investigations and student investigations to school districts across the United States. We utilize cutting-edge technology, combined with industry-proven investigation tactics to find and locate your person of interest. We operate anonymously. Our social media investigations, as well any other private online investigation we conduct go completely undetected. We do not require any login information for your private online investigation. Our cyber investigators are trained to look for keywords, specific terminology, and other identifying and revealing factors that assist us in identifying social media profiles of those attempting to disguise themselves online. We are experts at collecting online data that may be otherwise impossible to attain.

School Safety Investigations
Software Products Social Guardian
Require login information of profiles you need to investigate. Trained investigators will locate online profiles with no login information needed.
Require the cell phone of your person of interest, and can notify them if they are being monitored via text alert. No cell phone required or notifications sent. We remain completely hidden without alerting your person of interest that they are being monitored.
Limited to information you provide them. Only search profiles given by their clients. We investigate not only your person of interest, but those associated with them in an attempt to locate additional beneficial information.
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